High Rollers Slots

High rollers - who are they? In the world of slots, these are individuals ready to place the biggest wagers on their favorite games. However, you won't find a casino theme in this game. High Rollers takes us in a different direction, as you're about to find out.

We are heading way back to the 1970s to play this game. When you load it ready to check it out, don't be too surprised to spot a hippie waiting to say hi. Let's see what else might crop up as you get underway.

Who created the High Rollers slot game?

This is another title from Realtime Gaming. It's been out for a few years, so it looks unlike any of their recent games.

Demo accessibility

You can try the game without risking a real wager on it on any platform you choose. The practice version is identical except it removes the risk of betting with cash.

A classic theme

The game has a classic theme in many ways. The Seventies theme is front and center though, as you'll soon find out. It's not a time traveling slot, but you'll feel like you've gone back in time as you play it.

You'll love the design

This is a classic game, so you shouldn't expect too much from the design. And yet… it's cool! We use the word cool because we're in the Seventies, of course. At least, we feel like we are. A peace sign and a Volkswagen camper van make appearances here too.

How to play High Rollers

There are just three reels involved here. That sometimes means there are no special icons, but in this game, there is one. It's a wild symbol and it is the peace sign we mentioned earlier. It substitutes for everything else that might show up in a spin.

Few three-reel slots have progressive prizes, and we can add this one to that collection too.

Paylines in High Rollers slots

Were you expecting only one? Don't worry, there are five to bet on - and you must cover the lot too.

Choosing your coin per line

The coins go from five cents apiece to five dollars, so this game doesn't qualify as a penny slot. It's still quite affordable though.

Where is the paytable?

Right above the reels. With everything on one screen, there is no need to switch between the table and the reels to play the game.

One thing we want to highlight is that the paytable gives you two sets of prizes. While some games have the chance to play between one and five coins per line, that's not true with this one. Instead, you play one coin per line. The amount won for the jackpot depends on which line the jackpot combo falls on.

Three camper vans are needed to trigger this. You'd receive 48x your bet for the vans on any of the first four lines. If you found them on the fifth line, the prize increases to 100x your bet.

Bonus features in High Rollers

We can keep this bit short as none appear in this game.

Free spins are also out of bounds

This is a basic slot with three reels and a wild… and that's it.

RTP information for High Rollers

The game doesn't include an advertised RTP value. Many who play slots from Realtime Gaming know they don't usually promote their values.

Do we like this Seventies-themed online slot game?

We do, although it offers only a simple format to play on. If you want something bigger than a single-line slot, this offers five lines, a wild, and little else. Except the jackpot on the fifth line, of course. Worth 6/10, don't you think?

Lower jackpot amount in store here

We know there are plenty of three-reel games with much bigger prizes than this. The thing to remember here, though, is that the game only features four symbols. You would usually see many others in some online games.

Play for entertainment and a Seventies vibe

No need to make proper bets if all you want to do is to try the game. You can load the demo and see what you think of that before doing anything else.

Play for real at participating RTG casinos

This is an older game, so you may not find it at every casino. The best RTG casinos do have it though, so hunt down the real version of High Rollers today.

Mobile access should be available too

It means you can try the game on Android and iOS devices and take it with you whenever you want to play it.