Haunted Opera Slots

Will you say yes to our invite? No need to leave home for this one, as we are referring to a slot game called Haunted Opera. Of course, the most famous haunted opera of all is revealed in the Phantom of the Opera story and musical.

That appears to be the inspiration for this game, so let’s see if it suggests a link with that or whether this has enough features to stand on its own.

Let’s find out more about the developer

The outfit in question goes by the letters RTG but is formally known as Realtime Gaming. This title has been around for a few years now but is still good to try.

Try the demo option if you’re curious

Sometimes the theme and presentation are not enough for you to decide whether to play a slot game or not. If that is the case here, you can rest assured there is a practice version to try instead.

The theme is revealed in the title

We are visiting an opera and it is haunted. There isn’t much more to know about this one. Clearly, the famous story brought inspiration for the creators, so we can expect a few similarities between them.

A pleasing design is brought to the fore

As an older game, this one doesn’t have as much detail as newer titles from RTG. However, there is ample detail here and the stage is set with curtains to either side of the reels.

Learn how to play Haunted Opera slots

The game adopts the familiar stance of having five reels and three icons per reel. There is a jackpot amount to the left of the first reel, just above it in the corner. We’d suggest keeping that in mind but knowing there are long odds on winning it.

The game does include a wild symbol too. This is a white mask. If you know the famous story, you’ll know the Phantom uses this as a disguise. This carries a 2x multiplier as well, so wild prizes are worth more than standard ones.

We also have a love letter to look for as the reels spin. This is used as a scatter symbol, awarding up to 100x your wager depending on how many are found.

Paylines in action in Haunted Opera

The game gives us 20 lines to play on. You don’t need to cover all of them, but you’ll limit the winning potential if you don’t.

Choosing from the available coins

The coin values are on the low side here, going from one to 25 cents a time. Only one coin is available per line, but if you cover all the lines, you’ll wager from 25 cents to $5 on every spin.

Make sure you review the paytable

This is underneath the reels and shows all potential symbols in the game. It also reveals their prize values and shows the special ones and their roles.

Is there a bonus round in the Haunted Opera slot?

No, nothing like this is available in this RTG slot game.

What about some free games?

You do have a chance to win some of these, and the scatter is the path to doing so. The trigger is unusual here though. You need to find one love letter on the first reel along with a second one on the fifth reel.

This trigger awards five free games. Anything won during the spins is given a 2x multiplier. The exception is any prize won with the help of the wild. In this case, the wild comes with a huge 6x multiplier.

Watch out for the Phantom himself to appear too. He only shows up in free spins, but whenever he does, extra freebies are granted to keep the round going.

No firm RTP is available

Many RTG games are released without a return to player percentage. We can add this one to that list as well.

What did we think of the Haunted Opera experience?

This is not affiliated with Phantom of the Opera, a story played out in another official slot by that name. However, it does include everything you’d expect to see in the game, and there are some excellent features involved. We are rating it as 8/10.

The progressive prize is the best you can get

It’s not the biggest one around, and few will get their hands on it, but it is usually found climbing into four figures.

Try the practice option first

It’s always a good option to try if you are keen. It matches the real thing and if you just want to play for a bit to pass the time, there is no need to progress to that version either.

Join an RTG-powered site to find this at your favorite casino

The real thing is playable from a quarter per spin, assuming you cover all the lines. That should suit many players.

Mobile opportunities with the Haunted Opera

Visit the opera on your tablet or smartphone if you get the chance. While this is an older game, you might still spot it in mobile-friendly RTG casinos.