Green Light Slots

We're giving you the green light to read our comprehensive slot review of this online game. We won't race through the review either - we'll take our time to give you all the details of the Green Light slot here.

If you didn't spot the clues that we gave you there, don't worry. All will be revealed in this entertaining slot game with a few twists along the way. It doesn't take long to figure out the theme though, thanks to the car that appears with the game logo before you load the slot.

Info about the developer

The team behind this slot game is Realtime Gaming. RTG has developed some fine titles of late, but this one appears much earlier in their collection.

It still offers a practice option though

We have come to expect a practice version of all the new RTG releases. It's good to know they've been doing this for a while, as Green Light is available as a demo too.

A fast and active theme

You probably figured out the racing theme in this game, thanks to our not-so-subtle hints and the appearance of that car. What else is in store though?

Exploring the Green Light slot game design

The game looks older for sure, although it still has some appealing touches involved. A checkered flag flies behind the reels, which are filled with many racing-themed symbols. You'll also see the usual playing card symbols there, occupying the cheaper prize-winning positions.

How to play Green Light

We get a 5 x 3 format in this game, which is common enough. A random jackpot appears above the middle reel, increasing as more people play the game.

A racing driver is singled out as the wild symbol. If he contributes to a winning line, he'll double its value for you. The only thing he doesn't sub for is the scatter symbol. The title of the game reveals what it looks like - a light.

This is no ordinary scatter though. When it appears, it can turn on as either a red or green light. Only the green ones can grab scatter prizes, and only if two or more green lights appear. The red ones say stop, no prizes for you.

Paylines in the Green Light slot game

There are 20 lines to cover if you want to play the game. You can reduce that count, but it means you could miss a prize on a deactivated line.

Is this playable as a penny slot?

The smallest coin is worth a cent, so yes, it does qualify. There are several other coins available too, going no higher than a quarter each in value.

Exploring the paytable

Every RTG slot comes with a paytable and this is no exception. It's wise to read through it to make sure you understand all the rules - especially regarding that scatter symbol that changes color.

You need a green light to access the bonus feature

You need three green lights actually, rather than just one. So, three lights appearing isn't enough - they must all turn green to unlock it.

You'll be taken into a race when the bonus begins. Choose a car and see how it performs in the race. There are five cars to choose from. This bit leads to the free games, so the performance of the selected car translates into free spins.

More info about those free spins

Finish last and five free games are yours. Finish first and you'd receive 20. However, a second-place finish means you race again in search of a multiplier. It is guaranteed to be at least 5x, but it could reach 50x.

The RTP hasn't been released

RTG doesn't tend to green-light its return to player values (see what we did there?).

How much do we love this game?

We've all seen free spin features before. However, the tacked-on bonus bit that comes before those spins is great to play. While you aren't guaranteed a multiplier, the potential is there for it to be huge if you get to this stage.

The best potential lies inside those free games

If you want to try and bag some good prizes, it seems the freebie round is the best place to do it. Lots of spins and the possibility of a multiplier are great to see.

Play the demo to try Green Light today

Most reputable RTG casinos should have the classic Green Light slot game ready for you to play. With identical gameplay to the paid version, it makes sense to try this.

You can play this penny slot for real too

Of course, with 20 lines involved, it would amount to 20 cents per spin if all lines were covered. That said, it's still affordable to try.

Green Light on mobile

Plenty of slot games are now available on tablet and smartphone. While this is an older game, you might still find it in mobile casinos operated using the RTG platform.