Frog Fortunes Slots

A slot game with potential… now, how does that sound? It’s what we all want to see in a slot. By potential, we mean a great format, lots of detail, and a fascinating background too. Yep, we think that counts for something, don’t you?

We are pleased to report that all these things are present in the Frog Fortunes game. So, let’s begin our review with some facts about this game now.

Who developed Frog Fortunes?

The game is the latest in an impressive series of titles from RTG.

That means you are assured of finding a demo

Yes, you can certainly check out Frog Fortunes without worrying about losing any cash.

What’s the theme like?

It’s not a shock to find frogs involved here, although you may not expect a golden frog sitting on a circular disc below the reels. The detailed backdrop puts us either in a forest or a rainforest – we’re not sure. It looks superb, though.

RTG has produced a top design

You know how sometimes you load a slot game and just sit and look at it for a bit? We think Frog Fortunes is one of those games. There is a huge color palette for starters, along with lots of details for the icons and every other element of the game. The backdrop seems to fade into nothing too, giving an illusion of distance even though this isn’t a 3D game.

How to play the Frog Fortunes slot game

The game loads with five reels, although you may not realize it at first. Each icon is hexagonal, so even though they’ve gone for the 5 x 3 format, the icons are in staggered positions in relation to each other.

The game works out differently to many other slots, so we’ll cover special symbols as we go along. Our research doesn’t indicate a wild though.

Does the slot have lots of paylines?

In a way, yes… although you cannot count them as paylines. Frog Fortunes is a way wins slot game, meaning you get all possible 243 ways you could find prizes across a 5 x 3 set of reels.

Choose from the betting selection given

Most RTG slots give you options, and Frog Fortunes is no exception to this. Make sure you check out the available bets before you start. Choose whichever one makes the most sense to you.

Read the paytable before you begin

We always say this, but it bears repeating. This game looks different to many others we have tried from the RTG stable of games. Make sure you review the paytable when you find the game and give it a try.

Is there a bonus feature?

How about an exploding bomb? It looks like this randomly shows up after a spin, except you never know when that will occur. When it does, it explodes. There are 10 ways this can happen, each one taking out a different combination of symbols near it. The pattern you see is randomly selected by the game.

One symbol then appears in every spot that was blown out by the explosion. It means you stand a chance of triggering one or more prizes.

Things get even better from then on. No doubt you’ve heard of or seen the cascading reels feature highlighted in other slots. It appears in Frog Fortunes as well. if any prizes are won following the explosion and its aftermath, those icons vanish, and everything is replaced by the symbols from above. New ones appear then as well.

Most games have the cascading reels in place on every prize-winning spin, but that’s not true here. Instead, it only occurs after this bonus feature.

What about free spins?

We haven’t spotted any of those in the game.

RTP is uncertain

We’ll update you if we discover what the value is for this slot.

Our rating for Frog Fortunes

There are some different elements to enjoy in this game, and that elevates it for us. We also think it looks good. We’re going to give it eight points out of the maximum of 10.

A low top prize on offer

Those looking for a big winning opportunity should look elsewhere, as this game doesn’t offer it. However, it is a low volatility game, so the 150x top prize makes sense.

Play the demo to get a better feel for the game

This is different, for sure, so it makes sense to check it out in full before thinking about giving any of your slot game budget over to playing the real thing.

But if you do want to play for real…

There are plenty of RTG casinos you can play the game at when you’re ready.

Mobile access is a breeze too

The game is available across all platforms, and looks just as good on the mobile screen as it does on the big computer screen.