Sweet 16 Slots

You won't want to count the masses of calories appearing in this tempting slot game. Sweet 16 may sound like it refers to age rather than food, but it turns out the sweet theme is in action here.

Expect almost every candy you can think of in this game, especially in the logo as the game prepares to load. Once you get beyond that, who knows what else you might discover?

Who created the Sweet 16 online slot?

We can confirm this slot game is yet another big hit from Realtime Gaming.

Is there a practice option to try?

Yes, there is, and it features everything you would find if you tried the real game. It means you can experiment a bit and see if the game fits your budget and preferences.

A candy-filled theme

Make sure you don't have any sweet snacks in the house before playing this game. It sure did make us hungry. The background and reels all display lots of tasty treats so you can expect plenty of calories to show up on every spin.

An impressive design on offer in Sweet 16 slots

If you like your slot games to offer tons of color, this one is another to add to your list of games to try. Sweet 16 offers many familiar candies, including our favorites, chewy candies. Look for hard ones and lollipops too though, among many others. Some have important roles to play, so we'll cover that topic next.

The basic features to look for in the Sweet 16 online slot

The game offers five reels to spin, although it doesn't have any progressive jackpots above those reels. The game still has plenty of appealing prizes contained inside the paytable though.

A wild symbol is present in the game, shown as the Sweet 16 logo that appears inside a heart. This looks less edible than everything else, but it could be red foil on chocolate. Now… see, we're getting hungry again.

Anyway, the wild substitutes everything else apart from the scattered lollipop. The wild can also appear on reels two through to five, skipping the first one. Those reels can see stacked wilds crop up though.

Don't expect any paylines

Instead of lines, the game covers all 243 potential winning options over the format. RTG has several of these way-win games to try, this being one of them.

Betting range in Sweet 16 slots

Most players should find a decent bet to place per spin of the reels. The smallest we found was just 25 cents. The top bet is lower than we expected though, reaching no higher than $2.50. This isn't a high roller game, for sure.

The paytable hides behind help and rules

You'll see this message to the side of reel five and hitting anywhere within the message takes you to the paytable.

Bonus features offered during the game

The game doesn't include an official bonus. However, whenever you scoop a prize anywhere in view, the Morphing Symbols feature begins. All the symbols involved in the prize change into new ones. It might mean other prizes are won, in which case you'd receive your prize for those, and the process would happen again. It ends when a spin results in no new prizes being won.

The base multiplier in this feature is 1x. When the Morphing Symbols begin, the multiplier for the next spin is 2x. Find a prize to trigger another morph and the multiplier rises again. It carries on to a maximum of 10x, so there is some potential here to pick up bigger prizes.

Can you guess how many free spins are available?

If you guessed 16, you're spot on. Three of those lollipop scatters are required to unlock them. You get the same Morphing Symbols potential in these games - with one neat difference. All potential multipliers are doubled from the values seen in the base game.

It means the multiplier starts at 2x and could reach an amazing 20x if you went all the way through enough successful spins to get there.

RTP information for Sweet 16

While many RTG slots don't have information on this topic, our research suggests this slot reaches around the 96.3% mark.

Our rating for Sweet 16

Candy is a popular theme - a tasty one, you might say - for online slot games. We certainly enjoyed this one, and while it doesn't do much that is new, there are some cool features to look for. Enough to earn 8/10 for sure.

No progressive winners here

The game does have lots of prize potential hidden in the paytable though. If you want to play, you can also do so from just a quarter per spin.

The practice version provides a good starting point

It does, indeed, enough to help you work out whether you'd like to play for real later.

Play with real wagers at RTG casinos

You'll find plenty of these online, so find out if your favorite pick accepts players from your country and sign up for an account today.

You can also play Sweet 16 mobile slots

The game has a mobile version to try too. Even if you've played before, we suggest using the demo option to start with, so you can familiarize yourself with the touchscreen controls.