Ape King Slots

With an ape mentioned in the title - one that might be king of the forest, too - it is reasonable to assume the giant will take center stage here. We don't know whether that is good or bad though, so it's time we reviewed Ape King to see if we can find an answer.

This slot game stands out from many others based on a similar theme. Is that a good thing? Let's see what the Ape King slot game holds in store for us.

Let's find out who created it

Realtime Gaming has been busy this year, and now they have added this slot to their collection as well.

Do you enjoy playing demo slots?

If you do, you can play this one the same way too. Since it is more involved than some games we have tried, we'd recommend starting like this.

Not just an ape-themed slot

You would be more accurate saying it was a monkey-themed slot. There are several that might show up as you play, although the Ape King has the major role.

Does it boast a good design?

Yes. There has been no monkeying around from the creators, that's for sure! The game is set in a jungle, and all the monkeys crop up over the reels during the game. Each one is striking with plenty of detail involved too.

Start playing the Ape King game today: Here's how

There are no progressive prizes in this game, but you will spot the familiar sight of five reels when the game is ready to play.

It's reasonable to think the Ape King is the game's substitute, but that isn't the case. Instead, the unusual image of a treasure-filled pot is up for grabs. It only appears over reels two, three, and four. You might be surprised to learn the wild can only substitute for the Ape King too - nothing else.

How many paylines are involved?

None - instead of lines you get 243 winning ways to focus on.

Bets start at 30 cents per spin

The way win slots always use a single bet for every paid spin. The smallest one here is 30 cents. There are plenty more options too though, with the biggest one of all maxing out at $150.

You'll find the paytable in the usual place

In this case, it means underneath the reels. They've used the three-line burger symbol to show you where it is hidden.

Can you play a bonus?

No, not in this slot game.

Two ways to earn some free spins

Ape King gives you two methods for entering this feature. The first way is to wait and see if the game drops them in your lap. It does include a randomly triggered set of games, so you might be fortunate and get them that way.

If not, you must find four scatters (or more) to earn them. The games begin with a Jungle Battle element. instead of getting a quantity of spins, you simply play until one side beats the other. The battle is taken up by the Ape King against five other apes.

We played this round, and it can be confusing to watch and figure out who is winning. However, the spins continue until one side - either the Ape King or the rest - wins.

When the game finishes with a victor, you receive a prize to celebrate the end of the battle. The minimum here is 10x your triggering bet. However, the biggest prize is worth way more… maxing out at 50,000x your bet.

The wild pot of treasure has more power in these spins, replacing everything in sight rather than just the titular ape.

The return to player value is unknown

That's usually the case when you have a game issued by RTG. If we find a correct percentage, we'll let you know.

Our rating for this Ape King slot game

Is the Ape King going to be king of the jungle in the slot world? We're scoring this one at 7.5/10. The free spin feature is different and feels more like a mix between free games and a bonus. Trouble is, it's tough to figure out how things are progressing. Still, you can sit back and watch and see how your prize pans out at the end.

Who is going to net 50,000x their bet?

With this as the largest prize in the free spin feature, someone is surely going to experience some good fortune at some stage. We hope we hear about it when it happens.

Start with the demo of Ape King

We played long enough to unlock the free games, so we could see how they worked. We're still not 100% sure what went on, but we liked it enough to give it a few proper spins after that too.

Playing for real is simple at an RTG-powered casino

Oftentimes you can play the demo without joining a casino. However, if you do like the game and want to play the paid version, you'll need to sign up. Look out for a good welcome offer before doing so.

Ape King available on mobile platforms too

You can try it on a tablet or smartphone using the iOS or Android technology.