Bao Ni 8 Slots

Any new slot game is going to inspire some questions. Hopefully, we have answered all the ones you might have about the Bao Ni 8 slot right here. The title suggests we are visiting Asian realms to play this title, but what else can we glean from it?

When the game loads to play, it introduces a man in robes with a long and impressive mustache. Could he hold the power to providing some prizes to be won? Our slot game review is going to tell you more.

Developer information for Bao Ni 8

The game is one of a long list comprised of superb titles created by Realtime Gaming. They also go by the initials RTG, so you might recognize them by those instead.

There is an accessible demo to get you started

This is good news, because it means you can sample the game and experience its various features without betting anything on it for real.

Is the Asian theme correct?

Yes, we guessed we might see this theme in action in Bao Ni 8 and that is the case. However, that covers a lot of options, so we can reveal here that the Chinese New Year theme is the focus for this game. The early release in the calendar bears this out.

The design focuses on what is happening on the reels

This happens in plenty of slots. Personally, we like the background to have some detail too, but that isn’t what happens here. When you start playing the game, you can expect a mix of Chinese-style icons covering the highest paying ones of the game. The cheaper icons are letters but done in Chinese lettering.

Nothing much is happening in the background though, but at least that means there is a lot to look for on the reels.

Learning how to play the Bao Ni 8 slot game

The reels are huge here and there are five of them in play. Some RTG slots offer progressive jackpots as well, but we don’t get those here.

Look out for an 888 symbol, rendered in gold, as this makes it easier for you to find prizes. You might guess that means it is the wild, and you’d be correct. The game also provides you with a scatter symbol. This simply says FREE GAMES. You can probably figure out how that might assist you in the game.

A lucky number of paylines?

It could be, because there are eight and that number is looked upon as lucky in Chinese lore. We should hope it proves fortunate for you here too. Expect to play them all as they appear in fixed format.

Selecting your bets

If you want to play Bao Ni 8 slots, you can do so with as little as a cent placed on each line. Other coins are provided too, with the maximum value of $5 in play. That gives total wagers of between eight cents and $40 to contend with.

Don’t miss the paytable

RTG can always be trusted to provide a good paytable design containing all the info you need to know before you get started. You should review this before playing for the first time – even if that means trying the demo.

Bonus possibilities in Bao Ni 8

There isn’t a second screen bonus here, but you can expect a respin to turn up whenever you secure a prize. Your winning icons stay where they are and the respin for every other position begins. If another prize is found (whether that involves the original symbols held in place or not), those icons freeze, and you get another respin.

When you get a spin that doesn’t involve anything new being won, the respins end and you return to normal paid spins. This feature is known as the Lucky Streak Respin.

Free spins are available too

Oftentimes you get one or the other with free spins and respins. Here, though, you get both. Five or more scattered FREE GAMES icons need to appear in one spin to make this happen.

Five scatters would award you with eight games, but you could get more if you found more triggering scatters to start with. The game could provide an entire screen full of them, for example. If that were to happen, you’d be sure of getting 50 free games to play.

The Lucky Streak Respin can occur during these games too, except there is a change involved. Whenever it happens, a random multiplier is available for respin prizes. This could be anything from 2x to 10x.

What is the return to player value for this game?

It is unknown because RTG doesn’t tend to highlight the value with any of its releases.

Our rating: How good is Bao Ni 8?

We like the mix of respins and free spins in this game. The theme is familiar, but nicely so, rather than feeling as if you’re going over the same thing again.

We think the presentation, theme, and features combine to provide a score of 8 out of 10. Would you agree with that?

What is the most you could scoop in prize money?

The biggest multiplier for a single prize is 6,800x your wager, so there is some potential here to get a nice return. We know, though, that the smaller prizes are far easier to get hold of.

Play the demo to start with

Bao Ni 8 is an appealing game, but we’d still suggest the demo is the best place to start.

The real version is simple to switch to

If you play the demo as a member of an RTG casino, you can switch to real play whenever you have enough in your account to place real wagers.

Play on mobile as well

Yes, this is another way to access Bao Ni 8. Play on Android and iOS devices and other platforms too.