Achilles Deluxe Slots

Is this strictly a sequel or just a new and improved version of the original Achilles slot game? You decide… but not until you’ve read our full review of the new game here.

It’s an opportunity to check out the first Achilles slot if you haven’t done so. You can then try this one and see which one you prefer.

The same developer created both slots

You had probably figured this one out, but if you don’t know their identity, we’re happy to confirm that Achilles Deluxe comes from RTG, just as the original did.

A fully-fledged demo to play

We always ‘try before we buy’ and we guess you might too. If so, you will be delighted to hear the demo or practice version gives you the chance to do so.

The same theme in action once again

And that is no bad thing, for sure. Achilles is part of the story of Troy, the city that was attacked by the Trojan horse. Meet Helen along the way too as you begin playing the game.

A design that far exceeds the original

Achilles has been around for several years. It’s no surprise to see far improved graphics for the Deluxe version here. There are similarities in the theme of course, but we cannot say the same of the graphics or design, and that’s a positive thing.

Reels, symbols, and more in Achilles Deluxe

The slot game gives us the usual 5 x 3 format to play with. You’ll also see it comes with two progressive jackpot prizes. These include random triggers, so any paid spin of the reels could potentially be followed by one of the biggest prizes of all.

There are two important symbols to look for during the game. The wild icon appears inside a circle, using the letter W to make it easier to see. The scatter icon is shown as the logo for the game.

Paylines in the Achilles Deluxe slot game

There are 20 of those involved.

Bets for most players

Some like to wager more than others, but you can begin to play all the lines from 20 cents overall. If you increase the value of your coin to the biggest level, the total bet is much higher at $100 per spin.

Paytable details for the game

Achilles Deluxe positions the paytable under the reels. Hit the info button and you’ll learn more about the game to come.

Is there a bonus feature?

No, but don’t worry, as there are two other elements you might trigger during the game.

Free spins take center stage in Troy

Scatter symbols are famous for triggering free games. You can use them in that way here too. Find three and you’ll receive 10 free games. Simple. Nice, too, because all those games award a 2x multiplier for the prizes won. You can trigger more spins in two ways – either by finding three scatters again or by finding two plus a wild.

There is another way to score some free games in Achilles Deluxe, though. This time, you need three wilds in the same spin to get them. When this happens, you are invited to select one of the three symbols shown on the screen. You are guaranteed to reveal at least 15 freebies, but if good fortune is on your side, you might get 20 or even 25 games instead.

Two perks with this version of the free games are as follows. Firstly, wilds can substitute for scatters, unlike the base game, and secondly, all prizes get a 3x multiplier.

We can estimate the RTP for this game

We think it falls at around the 95% mark, but no official return to player value has been announced.

Do we prefer this version to the original?

We think so, yes, if only for the improved visual element. However, don’t discount the original Achilles slot if you haven’t tried that. This is the perfect opportunity to check out both games. We’ll put this in our eight out of 10 collection.

Watch out for news of progressive winners

How long might it be before someone wins the progressive prize in this game? We’ll let you know if news drops of a big winner.

Practice play is the best way to start

See what you think of the game by loading the practice option first. This protects your budget and means you can see how the game works and what it looks like. Demo spins come without risk – and many RTG casinos allow non-members to try them too.

RTG casinos invite you to play for real today

Are you going to join the other players already doing this? If you know you like the demo, it’s worth thinking about whether this game could be another good one to try.

Playing on Android and iOS

You can load the game from a mobile RTG casino if you wish. Tablets and smartphones give access to your favorite mobile slots when you’re ready to play – Achilles Deluxe included.