Dancing Wins Slots

A musical theme is in store for us in this game, and it looks as if we might be heading back through time as well. Dancing Wins is a modern and sparkling slot that gives us a touch of disco action. Hey, we're old enough to remember that the first time around!

Now though, we get the chance to play the slot game version. It's a great twist on a theme, so will you try it? Read our slot review for Dancing Wins first.

Developer info you should know

The game is another new addition to the roster created by Realtime Gaming. It appears in all leading RTG-powered casinos you can find online today.

They do love giving us a practice version

If you like experimenting with games just as we do, you'll like the fact you can access a demo before attempting to play the real thing.

We've revealed the theme already

Are there any surprises? No, not really… although the theme is nicely done with guitars and even a mirror ball to look for during the game.

A colorful design hits all the right notes

We love the colorful screen that features when you open the game. The background to the reels themselves is dark, but that makes the colorful icons pop all the more. You can also check out the Rubik's cubes hanging from the ceiling and a column of lights at the side of the dancefloor.

Dancing Wins: How to play

You get five reels to spin here, along with the usual three symbols per reel. There aren't any jackpots other than the one in the paytable.

The multicolor WILD icon is obviously the substitute, but it also pays the best prize of the game. Five of those completing a line give you 8,888x your bet. Prizes won with one or more WILD symbols involved are worth three times their usual values.

We mentioned a mirror ball earlier in our review. That acts as a scatter symbol. As usual, it's the only thing you cannot replace with a WILD.

How many lines are in action?

There are 50 of them, but since they're fixed in position, you'll need to bet on all of them on every spin.

How big are the wagers?

Fifty lines equal a minimum spin bet worth 50 cents, i.e. one cent on each line. There are many other variables here, including the big maximum of $250. Be sure your bet is set to the desired amount before you start playing.

Does the game include a paytable?

It does, and you'll find it underneath the reels as usual. Don't play until you've checked it out to see how everything works.

Does Dancing Wins include a bonus?

No, unfortunately nothing occurs on a second screen or even on the reels themselves.

Free spins are ready to be won though

Three, four, or five scattered mirror ball icons are going to bring eight, 18, or 88 free games to play. We sure do hope you can find five!

The basic set of eight games comes with a standard 1x multiplier. However, if you find four, the game awards 2x the value of all the standard prizes. It gets better still if you can find five scatters, as you'd receive a 3x boost for anything won during your set of 88 spins.

The games also have a chance to trigger another set. Whenever this occurs, the original multiplier goes up by one. So, if you began with eight games at 1x, you'd get another set of games at 2x. The maximum multiplier is 10x.

We do not know what the RTP is

Unfortunately, RTG doesn't tend to issue this information along with their slot game releases.

Our rating for the entertaining Dancing Wins slot game

We are going to give the game 8/10. We would have loved a dancing bonus (or even one involving Rubik's cubes) but there is plenty to entertain you if you're keen to try the game.

What's the most you could get on a spin?

We know the 8,888x multiplier for five wilds is in action, but did you know you could get up to 50,000x from just one spin of the reels? We guess multiple prizes would need to drop for that to happen, perhaps with a major multiplier in a free game too.

Play for some entertainment today

The game is an amusing one to play if you remember Eighties dancing. Even if you're too young to remember, you'll experience a sense of the action and dancing in this game. No need to bet for real, remember - there's a demo to try first.

Unless you fancy making a real wager or two

This game isn't for everyone owing to the minimum 50-cent spin wager in action. However, if your budget is right for that, you can enjoy a few paid spins to see what the outcome might be.

Mobile access is provided too

Android, iPad, and iPhone users won't have any difficulty playing Dancing Wins on their mobile device. Take the dance with you wherever you go!