Legend of Helios Slots

What does that legend say, we wonder? If you’re well versed in Greek mythology, you already know Helios was God of the sun, but you may not know how he plays a role in the Legend of Helios slot game. This is what we’re going to find out here, as we explore all the aspects of the game for you.

Developer details

Legend of Helios comes from Realtime Gaming, so that’s a point in its favor before we even go further.

Demo action guaranteed

Yes, it always is at RTG, as they regularly release slot games that include demo versions.

Destination Greece – that’s the theme in this ancient game

The game itself isn’t ancient, but it returns us to a time when Greek gods were popular, as Helios proves here.

Design features in Legend of Helios

The design is dramatic, as befits a Greek God. Apart from a statue either side of the set of reels, the action is all on the reels themselves, but you’ll see a lot of detail there.

Get ready to take Legend of Helios for a spin today

This is a five-reel game with no progressive jackpots, but we get an unusual format within those five reels. They use a 4-3-4-3-4 arrangement of symbols to perk things up. The wild looks like a sun, which makes sense, but it has WILD stamped across the front anyway. You’ll also see a BONUS logo, featuring the word inside a disc. You will only see this on the middle three reels.

Paylines in Legend of Helios

Expect to find 25 lines in this game.

Your starting bet is 10 cents

That’s according to the early info we have about this game. You’re going to get other betting amounts too, so look at the range before beginning play.

Paytable details

As usual, RTG has laid out all the details about the slot game in the paytable. When you load it for the first time, even if you’re aiming for some demo play, make sure you check out the paytable first.

Bonus rounds in Legends of Helios

The game features Mystery Stacks, shown as an entire stack of game logos. If you can find a whole stack on the first and second reels at once, they’ll freeze in position for a free respin of the remaining reels. Since all Mystery Stack symbols always change into the same symbol, it gives you more chances of multiple wins. If you get the respin and you don’t secure a prize, don’t worry because the respins carry on until you do get at least one from a spin.

Free spins in the Legend of Helios slot game

If a scatter pitches onto reels two, three, and four at once, you’ll reveal the Bonus Wheel. You can net some free spins from this, but the wheel also has a series of instant prizes. Each one shows a multiplier that would apply to the triggering bet for that spin.

If you manage to get some free spins, you could receive one of four free spin features. A varied number of spins crops up in each, along with a feature. This feature will involve bursting wilds, additional wilds with more stacked icons, an increased number of paylines, or a 3x boost for each prize won.

Do we know the RTP value?

No, it hasn’t been released for this slot game.

How did we like the Legend of Helios?

We love ancient Greek slot games, so this was an easy one for us to enjoy. We’re giving it 8.5/10 thanks to all the features and potential it holds.

You could receive up to…

The biggest prize looks like a tempting 2,250x your bet, so that’s something to aim for.

Demo action gets you underway

The game looks amazing, and the demo lets you see how it all works underneath the surface imagery. Will you get to the wheel to spin for prizes or free spins? Trying the demo means you’re not at risk.

Join an RTG casino to try the real game

We know the bets for this start at an affordable rate, so make sure you look for a welcome deal if you’re going to join an online RTG casino to play this game today.

Did you know you can also play Legend of Helios on mobile?

It’s true, as it is with all other RTG slots. Android and iOS users alike can check out the mobile version with touchscreen capabilities.