Plentiful Treasure Slots

Treasure is a popular theme to use in online slot games. Players are looking for prizes, and you could view those as treasures, couldn’t you? So, does the Plentiful Treasure slot game deliver what it seems to promise?

Everything looks quite usual when you load this game but be prepared for a few twists along the way. Our slot review is going to take you through the process of playing the game, so you know what might happen.

Developer information

Plentiful Treasure was developed by Realtime Gaming. That assures you of a good track record in creating superb slots.

Try playing the demonstration game first

It’s identical to the real game. The difference is you won’t be playing with real wagers. Instead, you can use the demo coins offered by – and retained by – the game itself.

We’ve already highlighted the theme

It focuses on treasure. However, that word covers a multitude of possible items. It is only when we load the game that we see it comes from the Orient. So, this is a mix of treasure and Oriental themes that works nicely.

The design doesn’t stretch to the backdrop

There are a few minor details to spot there, but mostly the detail is reserved for the symbols that appear in the game. A lot of gold is involved here, appropriate considering we are in a treasured realm, but the game also uses colored backgrounds for each icon.

Reels, special symbols, and more in Plentiful Treasure

Five reels are the order of the day here. We also get the chance to play for no fewer than four progressive jackpots.

The game also includes two substitute symbols. The first of these is the Treasure Wild, appearing on reels two, three, and four. The second substitute icon is restricted to the middle reel and looks like a pearl. That said, it is useful when it does help you win something, as it would trigger a 5x multiplier for that prize.

Paylines to watch out for

Would it surprise you if we said there were none in this game? The 5 x 3 format uses the All Ways pay format instead. That means there are 243 ways you could collect a prize on every spin.

One bet per spin

With way wins in action, you have just one wager to place on each spin. Coins range from one cent to 10 cents apiece, but you must play 88 coins per spin. (The number eight is thought to bring good fortune in Asian countries.)

That makes 88 cents the cheapest wager you could place on the game.

Is it worth reading through the paytable?

Certainly, you should always review the paytable of any game you have never played before. Even though you’re learning plenty here, the paytable provides images of all the icons in action.

Watch out for the Gold Coin Bonus

Don’t expect it to trigger while you are playing Plentiful Treasure. There is a good reason why we say this – it’s the haunt of all those progressive jackpots. It seems that if you trigger the bonus round (randomly done), you’ll walk away with one of those jackpots.

Free spins are easier to come by

This is a relief. Finding three of the scatter icons will bring you eight freebies. These can be triggered again too.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but before the games begin, the lowest-paying icons are taken away from the reels. Only the best-paying ones remain, which means whenever something is won, it’s going to be worth a tidy amount.

Do we know the RTP?

No, the return to player percentages are never added to the paytables for RTG games. We couldn’t find anything concrete elsewhere either.

How high does our rating go?

Plentiful Treasure is good for a score of 8/10. The coin round looks good, but few will ever reach it. However, the free spins round being played with only the best symbols is a nice change from usual.

How much is the best paytable prize worth?

The best standard payout is 680x your wager. This is much smaller than some games offer, but there are progressive jackpots to take care of. So, consider whether the prizes in the paytable are appealing enough for you to play this game.

Play the demo to see how things pan out

You can never tell whether a game is as good to play as it looks. This one is great but playing the demo for Plentiful Treasure is the best option to start with.

Play the proper version if you’re a member of a participating casino

Plenty of RTG casinos have this game ready to play. Make sure you sign up and make a deposit, so you’re ready to begin.

Mobile players can also try the game

Whether you play the demo or the real version, you can access Plentiful Treasure slots on your smartphone or tablet on Android, iOS, and other platforms today.