Cash Bandits Slots

Some slot games are released and almost sink without trace. Others capture the imagination of many players and continue to do so for years after their original release date.

Cash Bandits falls into the latter category. If you’ve ever played it, you’ll know why that is. If you haven’t, you’re in the best place to discover why you should check it out. Our game review holds all the answers.

Who is behind the Cash Bandits slot game series?

Yes, this is the first part of what currently stands as a three-part series. All the games were created by Realtime Gaming.

Can you play for practice purposes only?

Yes, you can. All the features the game is famous for appear in the demo, so you can experience it as you might do if you played the real thing.

Using a popular theme

We have seen many versions of cops and robbers in slot games over the years. This remains one of the best. It doesn’t get too serious though, as a cartoon approach is used.

Design elements worth looking at

We mentioned the cartoon approach taken with this game. It’s a good one, keeping everything light despite the fact those bandits are trying to break into a vault.

Get started playing Cash Bandits today

The game starts with the typical five-reel, three-row format in place. There is a progressive jackpot to be won, so you can keep an eye on the current total above the reels as you play. The odds are long, but still, it’s good to see one there.

A gold vault is the wild symbol, substituting for almost all the other symbols appearing in the game. The one exception is the police shield, which is used as the scatter symbol. All quite usual so far.

How many lines are in Cash Bandits slots?

You get 25 lines to play on in this game.

Play from 25 cents per spin

If you choose to cover all the lines, which is the best option to make sure you don’t miss any prizes that land, you can do so form a quarter per spin. That equates to a cent per coin per line. You cannot go any higher than 25 cents per coin.

The paytable is easy to look at

Look out for the help and rules option on the screen. It appears next to reel five. That takes you to the paytable, where you can see the symbols in the game and learn what else is in store.

The famous Vault Bonus round

This is where everyone wants to go. You need three scatter symbols – the police shield – to enter the bonus. You’ll be given five free spins along with a 2x multiplier to begin with. However, you can add to those, and this is where the entertainment begins.

The Vault Bonus is so called because you are taken into the vault room itself. Inside are four bank vaults. There is a keypad too, and you get several picks to choose numbers to see if they are part of the codes that open any of the vaults.

If you open a vault, a quantity of free games plus a multiplier will be seen. These are added to your starting amount. So, what happens if you open all four vaults? You would receive 90 free games and the biggest multiplier of 12x.

How many free spins could you receive?

You know what the maximum would be, so how close to that will you get when you play? While the free games play out as normal, you could get lots of them with a bigger multiplier, hence why people love playing this game.

No RTP value has been published

It’s hard to determine this, as people have tried to figure it out and the answers have hugely varied. We think the lowest possible amount would be around 95% though.

Our rating for playing the Cash Bandits slot game

The original… but is it the best? We’ll leave that for you to find out (we’ve reviewed the two sequels as well), but this one is certainly worth a score of 8.5/10.

Big winners could come from the Vault Bonus

It’s easy to forget there is a progressive jackpot involved in this game. The appeal of the Vault Bonus is impossible to deny. If you got lots of spins out of it with a large multiplier, you could certainly get plenty of prizes adding up by the end of the round.

Play the Cash Bandits demo game

If you’re unsure whether this game is right for you, the demo helps you find out the answer. It’s a good opportunity to see if you can get inside the bonus round to see how it plays out.

Play the real game for a chance to win real cash

If you want to see what you could possibly get out of the Vault Bonus and the rest of the Cash Bandits game, try the real version today. Covering all the lines can be done for just 25 cents per play.

The game is also accessible on mobile

This means Android, iOS, Windows, or any other touchscreen device you have that works with the internet.