Pulsar Slots

Visiting space is something we do a lot when reviewing online slot games. We are about to do the same again here. That isn’t much of a surprise given the title of the Pulsar slot – it has that ring to it, doesn’t it?

Yet is it worth making the journey into space to play this one? Let’s see how things pan out as we review the various elements of the game.

Developer info you ought to know

Pulsar is the latest in an ever-lengthening line of slots from Realtime Gaming.

That info assures you of a demo version

RTG is keen to provide its players with the chance to try its games first. It has applied that approach to this title as well.

What is the theme like?

We’ve already revealed the space theme. It looks like deep space too, with what could be a whole galaxy positioned underneath the reels. Everything else is quite dark with stars twinkling away.

Does it boast a good design?

It might be in 2D, but the graphics in the Pulsar slot offer great depth. We immediately felt drawn into the game even when we knew what awaited us there.

Learning how to play the Pulsar slot

Five reels adopt a honeycomb appearance here, but you still get three icons on each one. They’re just positioned slightly differently than usual. Don’t expect to spot any progressive jackpots here.

The game doesn’t have special symbols like wilds or scatters. However, don’t be too disappointed because Neutron Stars of several kinds might appear instead. Keep reading to find out more about those.

The game also works on cascading wins. Whenever a prize is found, the winning icons vanish. Everything else drops to fill the spaces, followed by new symbols completing the grid once again from above.

The new cascade could result in further prizes, and if that is the case, the same thing continues until a losing combo is found.

Fixed paylines are in action in Pulsar

There are only 20 of them though, so it doesn’t stop the game from being affordable to try.

Choose a bet that suits your budget

Even with fixed paylines, RTG has given its players lots of coin wagers to choose from. There is sure to be something there that fits.

Discover more about the game from the paytable

When you read this, you’ll also see what all the symbols look like. That means nothing comes as a surprise when you see those icons for the first time.

Bonus features in Pulsar

This is where those Neutron Stars come into play. They are presented in four colors, with each color behaving differently.

Random appearances by these stars make the game more interesting. Each color sets off an explosion pattern that wipes out other icons caught in the pattern. You’ll soon be able to tell them apart.

Whenever a star shows up on the reels, it will show the number 1, 2, or 3 on it. You then get that many spins before the explosion occurs.

Free spins aren’t on offer

We doubt you’ll miss them once you have experimented with some exploding stars…

RTP unknown

If you know a thing or two about RTG slots, you might have guessed we would write that here.

Our rating: Does Pulsar deserve a good score?

It deserves eight out of 10 points, certainly. The Neutron Stars are the most important and engaging feature here. It would have been better with a few wilds in play, but once you get started, you tend to forget they’re not there anyway.

Winners have the paytable prizes to go for

Even with the lack of progressives, the paytable points to some prize-winning potential for real-money players.

Play for fun and try Pulsar today

The entertainment aspect of this slot is simple to understand once you take it for a few practice spins. That is easy enough to do.

Play the real version for a chance to win prizes

This RTG online slot is a good addition to their collection. If you are a member of an RTG-powered casino, you should find Pulsar is one of many options you can play for real.

Play on mobile too if you wish

And why not? Accessibility and playability on touchscreen devices working on iOS or Android is just as entertaining.