777 Slots

Many players like to revert to traditional slots occasionally. Maybe you do, too. If you fancy a blend of traditional and modern, though, the 777 slot game could be just what you are looking for.

We’ve given you some clues to what you might expect to see here before you read further. However, we can promise you all the information you are looking for in our full slot game review here.

Who developed the 777 game?

This is one of the more basic games from Realtime Gaming. You can also recognize them by the letters RTG.

There is a demo format to access as well

If you’re not sure whether this game is right for you, you can load the practice option rather than the real thing. It looks identical, but you’ve got a demo balance to use without risk. Of course, that means nothing can be won either, other than demo credits.

Does this game have a theme?

A slot theme is usually easy to pin down. Not so here, though. In this case, the theme is a classic slot experience. Nothing more than that. There are no cherries involved, but you will see a stack of cards and coins along with the usual mix of bar symbols. And those sevens, of course.

What’s the design like?

The design reveals a modern take on a traditional game. They’ve used a muted color palette, and we like that – sometimes games can be too bright for us. It still manages to look rich in detail though.

Settle back and learn how to play 777 slots

If you hadn’t already worked it out, allow us to reveal the presence of just three reels in this game. There are some surprises in store though, most notably a progressive jackpot. This is shown above the reels and you can watch it tick up when the game is played.

The most important symbol to look for is the one showing several playing cards with some gold coins stacked around them. This is a substitute and can replace everything else in the paytable.

If you find a prize involving a wild symbol, you’ll earn 3x the usual prize amount. If you are fortunate enough to get a prize featuring two wilds, you can expect that multiplier to increase to 9x.

How many lines can you bet on?

There is just one in the 777 slot.

Choose your bets wisely

The game only accepts one coin on the payline. The smallest value is 25 cents. Above the reels, you’ll see three modes – normal, high, and super. If you want to be in with a chance to grab that progressive jackpot, you need to be in super mode. This means placing the highest bet worth 2.50 per spin.

Bets between $1 and $2.25 put you in high mode, while all bets below a dollar are in normal mode. The game info explains how the modes work.

Paytable appears to the right of the reels

It means you can see the available prizes in this game. There is also a chance to read more information about the game, though. Select the three lines to the bottom right of the paytable. Select info and you can read through several pages of instructions.

Check out the hold feature

This isn’t really a bonus, but you can choose to use it if you wish. Once you have spun the reels, you can hold one or two of them for an additional wager. You could do this to try and get a winning line but remember there are no guarantees.

We play the game without using this feature. if you decide to use it, bear in mind your budget is going to take a knock.

Free spins are out of bounds

They’re not provided in this game.

RTP information for 777

RTG doesn’t reveal the return to player information for its games. However, we think it would fall at around 95%.

Our rating for 777

It’s a decent slot if you like three-reel games. The multiplier wilds are the highlight, although some players will enjoy the ability to hold one or two reels as well. We think it’s a decent 7/10 game.

What is the best outcome on the reels?

You would net the jackpot if you found three wilds on the payline. If you make a normal wager, it would be 1,000x your bet. The high wager amounts to 1,680x your wager, while the super bet would trigger the progressive jackpot.

Would you play just for entertainment?

Some would, but it’s only ideal for checking out the game. It’s going to get repetitive if you’re playing just for amusement.

Play for real at any RTG casino today

Many RTG casinos have 777 included among their other three-reel slots. If you are a member of one, you can find the game there to play today.

You can try the mobile version too

It’s identical to the desktop one, except it has touchscreen controls. This makes it good for Android and iOS devices.